Day 2 Suwarrow to Samoa S13:33 W169:29

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Tue 4 Sep 2012 20:34

Another turbulent day. Winds 20-25K from the SE and 3-4m seas. After recording 214 miles noon to noon yesterday, we slowed down a bit under headsail only and have been averaging a stately 7-8K. More than enough to make an early morning arrival in Samoa on Wednesday. Well actually it will be Thursday, as we will cross the international dateline during Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. If we can time it perfectly and hit the line with the bow at about 5 seconds to midnight, then by the time we come out the other side, the date will have shifted two days ahead! i.e. we go from Tuesday to Thursday. Life is getting shorter!  Samoa used to be called Western Samoa, but now its just Somoa. Until earlier this year, it was to the east of the dateline. They decided to change ,apparently without much warning, so there were a lot of locals a bit miffed when they lost birthdays etc. Along the way we pass American Samoa where they had a bad Tsunami a couple of years ago.  Wind and seas have moderated this morning and the sun is out. Now sailing dead downwind with full main and poled out headsail. Still a bit rolly, but not too bad. Jean still not 100%.


24 hour distance:  175 Miles