2nd Day 04:08:45N 81:44:08W

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Sat 4 Feb 2012 12:46

Day 2


Overcast again.  Sailed with genoa poled out and wind around 6 knots all morning with a very agitated sea.  Did some work on the January website page.  By lunchtime wind was NE 11 knots so gibed.  Still very rolly.  Not able to do yoga today!  Been doing readings for pH etc but too much cloud to take any aerosol readings – sorry Sasha!  Mid afternoon wind had dropped again so we took the pole down and tried a 2 sail reach on starboard tack for a while.  Sea still agitated so sails flogging badly.  Took genoa in.  Wind died to 2 knots and mail and boom flogging despite having preventer on.  Just before dinner decided to put engine on.  Ran engine all night.  Carried 1.5 to 2 knots of current all day so speed not too bad. Still got 3 good meals despite rolliness!  Read a lot! Seas flattened out in the night so very comfortable.  Passed Island of Malpelo at 06.30 on 4th Feb. 24 hours distance: 161 miles