Day 3 BoraBora to Suwarrow S13:52:75 W160:02:76

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Tue 21 Aug 2012 19:11

Wind constant 15 – 20 knots in the morning but fluctuating around southeast to east south east so passed the time going from goose winged to 2 sail reach!  Had a chat with El Vagabond on VHF around 09.30. They left the day before and we estimated we must be close. It turns out we were 12 miles north of them. We’ve been in contact with other boats twice each day on SSB radio. This lets others record our position, course and speed. It’s also useful to hear what weather conditions other boats near and far are experiencing. Sounds like many close encounters with whales!  Had a chat with Malarkey who are enroute from Somoa to Fiji and also with Darramy who are back in the Tuomotos. Early afternoon wind got up to 20 – 25 knots so put a reef in the main – seas still agitee but a bit more comfortable.  Got a lot of reading done between genoa changes!  Finally swapped my aching mountain legs for my sea legs!


No cetaceans again – just a few boobies – mainly young ones – we think they must be sent out to sea for a couple of months as part of their survival training!  Saw 2 fishing boats around 1 o’clock in the morning – had to call up one of them to make sure they had seen us – only 2 miles away and looked as if they were heading for us.  Sounded Japanese.  Huge boat – hope it wasn’t a whaler.



24 hour distance:  192 miles            Position:  S13:52:75 W160:02:76