Day 3 New Cal to New Zealand S29:33:04 E167:49:92

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Tue 5 Nov 2013 22:26

After the front went through we had winds which pushed us to the east during the morning but then eventually it backed to the S and we were able to sail more to the south east.  Around 15 – 20 knots all day – pleasant sailing conditions in good sunshine in the afternoon – approx 1 meter swell.


Wind got up during the night and we had a few squalls – now settled around 20 knots with the odd squall but 4 meter seas – cloudy skies.  Passed Norfolk Island around 6am and have just had a weather update from the Norfolk Island customs – allegedly the swell and wind easing slightly this afternoon.  It’s looking as if we may not be able to make Nelson as yesterday’s grib showed head winds all the way down so we may have to go to Opua on the north island then make the trip down later.  Pre-made baguette sandwiches were OK – good for the gums!  Got them again today!



24 hour distance: 168 miles