San Blas 08:56:93N 077:45:21W

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Tue 9 Nov 2010 18:30

Mulatupu, San Blas


After spending a good week in Chalon – got a few jobs done on the boat between rain storms – we headed off to the San Blas.  Despite the grib files showing not much wind, we had a very fast sail in 17 – 20 knots on the beam but with a northern swell.  Set off at 8am Monday and by 5pm realised that we were going to arrive around 2am Tuesday had we kept up the same speed.  As we wanted to arrive in the light, we spent the last 6 hours trying to slow the boat down – eventually with just a very small bit of genoa out and no main – even then we were doing 2 – 3 knots with around 1.5 knots of tide.  As day dawned we dropped anchor in a very quiet bay in the Kuna Yala village of Mulatupu.  Over the next couple of hours we had had many visits from the locals in their dugout canoes bringing gifts of bananas and generally just coming to chat and invite us to meet their families!  More later…….