Passage from Cape Town, South Africa to St Helena S23:23:145 E003:16:226

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Sun 24 Jan 2016 10:09

Day 5


Wind up and down most of the day but still managed decent speed.  Seas much calmer so very pleasant conditions – especially when sun comes out – everything looks so much more colourful!  Got rid of the last reef in the main early afternoon and of course a while later the wind got up but we persisted with 10 – 11knots speed for an hour or so and the wind did finally die down a bit!  Continued goose winged all day until watch changeover at 1am when the wind went forward so we changed to a 2 sail reach. 


Woke up this morning to a gloomy, grey, drizzly day – maybe getting us ready for the UK (hopefully not!)  However it is a bit brighter now and we’re hopeful for some afternoon sun.  Wind gone further aft so we’re back with a poled out genoa.  With 845nm to go to St Helena we’re now over half way.


We’re definitely back in the ‘land’ of the flying fish with half a dozen large ones and a couple of small ones together with a squid or two on deck this morning!  All’s well with daily check – although the plastic tube protecting the genoa sheets had come loose again so we had to sort that out before we could pole it out again.



Date and Time: 24 January 12.00


24 hours distance:  193nm


Position:   S23:23:145 E003:16:226