09:52:55S 113:24:78W Day 9

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Wed 7 Mar 2012 16:36

Another glorious day – started off with slightly less wind but same seas.  Experimented with sailing on port tack on a slightly more southerly course to achieve higher VMG but the wind was going more east so after lunch we came back to having the genoa poled out and have been sailing goose-winged on a course of around 260 degrees ever since.  Took a roll in the genoa overnight.  Wind and seas much the same this morning.


So this morning we hope to achieve our half way point – having now covered 1550 miles (another 10 to go to half way) – yippee!  Still find it hard to believe we’re in the middle of the pacific ocean!  However life just goes on – not much different from sitting at anchor (apart from the constant movement) – honest!


Talking of movement, yesterday I had the bright idea to make a quiche for dinner to use up the rest of the leeks I had bought in the Galapagos.  Made the pastry early and cooked the leeks.  Rolled the pastry out into a fairly deep oven dish and baked it in the microwave (which also browns and bakes).  Mixed up the cream, eggs and cheese and put the whole lot into the pastry case with the leeks.  Into the microwave.  Everything was going swimmingly until we had a great big lunge.  Opened the microwave and yep – everything certainly had gone swimmingly – the custard hadn’t had a chance to set before the lunge so we had lovely creamy, cheesy scrambled eggs all over the bottom of the microwave!  Fortunately there was still enough in the pastry case to make the quiche albeit a bit thinner but it still tasted good! 


24 hour distance:   178 miles    Position:  S09.52.55 W113.24.78