Passage from Broome Australia to Cocos Keeling S12:00:60 E098:10:41

Superted V
Jean & Matt Findlay
Sun 6 Sep 2015 01:01

Day 8


Another steady eddy day with the wind not changing too much – it did increase for a while up to around 20 knots – in fact that’s what it is right now.  The sea is a bit more lively this morning – definitely rocking and rolling.  Rained a bit in the night – whoopee.  But that did cause a bit of fiddling around with the sails as the clouds passed overhead and shifted the wind around.


We have just gybed on to port and have around 75 miles to go so we’re hoping to get there this evening – preferably before dark (about 8pm).  Fingers crossed.


Not much in the way of creatures or ships all day but around 20 flying fish (some really tiny) on deck this morning – our catch increases daily – shame they’re a bit too fiddly to eat! In the Caribbean they fry them in batter (head, skin, bones and all) but they never really appealed to me as a gastronomic delight!  Seen too many dead ones in a state of rigor mortis!




24 hours miles: 185


Position at 08.30 – 6 September (GMT+8):  S12:00:60 E098:10:41