Poem about our trip to the Sulphur Springs, St Lucia!

Tue 4 Jun 2013 20:14
Hi Everyone,
Thought you might like my poem that I wrote about the visit with 2 friends
to the Sulphur Springs! both called Julia, one from Much Wen Lock,
Shropshire same age as me and the other was a young girl from
Kiev in the Ukraine.

I had a nice time with Julia & Julia,
We did some things that were quite peculiar,
We had a laugh in a Mud Bath,
But the journey to the Sulphur Springs,
was a journey and a half!

Two hours & three buses to get there,
We think we must of been daft!
We were so happy to get there,
as it was a bumpy old ride!

Until the driver said!
No bus to get back,
It's Sunday,
you will have to get taxi instead!

So we looked at each other & counted,
Our money, We had not enough,
We were in the middle of no where,
at a smelly old Sulphur Springs.
We seemed to have got our selves stuck
And getting home was going to be tough!

So I did a bit of quick thinking,
and asked a couple, were are you staying,
To try and get a lift home before bedtime!

But they were only going to Sofria
and it's a long way, away from home!

Then I saw a nice Gentleman,
he looked a decent type,
so, I asked him for a lift,
And he said! he might!
So he asked his friend Roger,
he said he would help us out.

So after our Mud Bath, we showered,
And got in the car to go home,
But, He drove into the rain forest,
and wondered if we done the right thing!

He said, he was taking us the pretty way,
And we did see some wonderful sights,
but it was getting darker, & darker,
and I'm not used to being out nights!

Especially with two men,
who wanted show us the sights!

But, Rick & Roger were Gentlemen,
and took us all the way home,
So the Sulphur Springs, was an adventure,
a day we will never forget,
And meeting our two nice Gentlemen,
we will never regret!
Thank goodness I had the nerve to ask, as we were stuck, literally in the middle of no where, he did say I was a cheeky madam for asking,
but I said it was him! or walking through the woods to the main road and hitching a lift with a local Rastafarian, so they were truly were our
only option!
Thank goodness they where Gentlemen and took us all the way home.

Hope all is well, and everyone are staying away from colds & flu.
Bye for Now, Love Margaret & Alan, Aboard Ocean Lady xxx

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