Ocean Lady's on way to Brazil!

Sun 10 Feb 2013 17:21
Hi Everyone,
6th Feb.
We left Ascension at 7.15am this morning, so far so good, doing
a constant 6.5 miles - Lat-07.41S - Long-15.21W and have done
61 miles so far, 16.30 GMT 6th Feb.
Don't put Ascension on you holiday list, unless you like Volcanic ash, radio mast & domes and miserable people!
Best bit was the Turtles, It was lovely watching them come up
the beach to lay their eggs, what great effort they have to put in. Hope all Ok, Love Margaret &Alan xxxx

Hi Everyone,
8th Feb
Luckily we still have good wind, and doing 6/7/8 knots, we have
done 376 miles so far at 16.45 GMT on 8th Feb.
Lat-06.08S - 20.23W
Seen 1 boat and a couple of birds that's all so far.
All Ok here, hope all is well, bye for now Lots of Love
Margaret & Alan - Mum & Dad xxxxxxxxx

10th Feb,
Hope all is well, it is very,very hot now, we are just 4 degees away
from the Equator, our second crossing different Ocean!
Sailing a long nicely, had a bird on board last night, left his calling
card all over the deck before he went this morning!
It was pitch black again last night we haven't seen the moon for about
3 nights.
Lat-04.55.S - Long-24.54.W - done 661 miles at 17.15 GMT - 10th Feb.
Bye for now Lots of Love Mum & Dad - Margaret & Alan xxxxxx