Hi from Ocean Lady! - October 07, 2012 - 17.51S -73.10E

Wed 2 Jan 2013 00:29

Hi Everyone,
Hope all is well, after 3 days our storm seems to be subsiding, we have less clouds today and the waves arn't so high except every now and a gain we get a big one to swamp us, we have a line out drying all our cloths out while the sun is out.
Alan/Dad has put a new motor in the broken Autohelm this morning incase the the reconditioned one goes, also pumped the bilge so weather must be getting better as we haven't been able to do anything.
We have about 566 miles to go, so hope to be there by Thursday fingers crossed in the day, if not we will have to wait outside for day break as it
is too rock to go in at night!
We had a nice big fat flying fish wash in last night, put him back quick before he ran out of breath.
Lat-17.51S - Long-73.10E at 9.50am 7th October.
Bye for now, Lots of Love Margaret & Alan - Mum & Dad xxxxxxxx