Hi from the Timor Sea!

Sat 17 Nov 2012 10:25

We are sailing along very slowly with the light weight Genoa & full main but
only doing 3.8 knots, clouds are forming but
we haven't had the expected wind that's forecast yet.
Yesterday we caught a Tuna and had it for lunch as it wasn't big enough for
our tea, (have to keep the body weight up, we don't want you to worry about
Saw 2 sea yellow & black striped snakes and a Turtle today, yesterday we had
a stowaway, a 6" lizard and we don't know how he got on board.
The Customs plane has circled us again, they certainly do there job well,
they were looking for a sailing boat that won't answer them, we saw it
and they wouldn't talk to us either, they cut infront of us, they said it
was about 12 miles away, so will have to watch out for lights tonight
Our Lat - 11.52E - 126.42E5.44am GMT and have done 261 miles 8th September.
Hope all is well, Lots of Love Margaret & Alan xxxxxxxx