Hi from Ocean Lady

Wed 18 Jan 2012 03:50
Hi all,
This my first entry to my web diary,
After a delayed start as my dad was very ill, Alan & I have flown out to Grenada, it poured of rain as we got off the plane, so we were soaked before we got to the custom.
Were we where steered to the red channel as we had three bags, one had a power anchor, so immediately the girl wanted to know what it was and how much, as it was second hand it was in our favor, bag 1 Ok, then she wanted know what was I bag 2 and what the wood was for and how much, we just said it was old stuff we cut up out of the garage, then there was a kerfuffle with the others so thank goodness as she just said are you willing to pay 10$ we just said yes so we could get out of there, as we had spare parts no bag 3.
Relevieved we just left and made way to the boat.
After getting food, and doing odd jobs and a bit of socializing, we set off for Bonaire,very fair winds got there in good time, were the rain continued, so if you visit be prepare to get soaked at least 3 times a day.
We were going to go for a bike ride but they were all gone, do we opted for a pack up as that was all there was left,
as it turned out it was the better option as we go to see all the island and do our shopping and it turned out tube 8$ cheaper.
We have had a couple of good snorkels and swims and good soakings.
Bonaire is a very nice place and people very pleasant and well worth the visit.
So off to Panama now.
Love to all, Hope all is well, Love Margaret & /Alan xxxx.