Hello from the Pacific-March 17, 2012

Tue 1 Jan 2013 00:46
Wishing Mum Happy 89th Birthday!
Just a few showers in the night, no ships,Birds or fish, we had to motor for a good few Hours as no wind (2,5knots)
Then it shot up to 30knots so we did well. Now just plodding on at a steady 4.5Knots.
At 10pm Gmt (17th)- Lat- 08,41S - 125.09W we have done - 1,983 miles
Hope all is well and Melanie is feeling a bit better.

18th March,2012
Hope all is well, we had a nice starry night last night and no rain,
we had to do a bit of motoring as very little wind, but since the early
hours we have been sailing along nicely. We have 656miles to go our position is Lat-08.57.S- Long-127.17W at
0.30pm Gmt Lots of Love Margaret & Alan - Mum & Dad xxx