Grenada here we come!!!!!! - Lat-11.40N - Long-61.01W

Fri 1 Mar 2013 18:11
Hi Everyone,
We sailed past Tobago at lunch time, it looked lush and green and very rocky, wish we had time to stop.
We have just 44 miles to go at 15.50 GMT 1st March.
Lat-11.40N - Long-61.01W
It was a clear night we saw the plough, but still no north star! We will be at anchor tonight as it will be about 9pm when we get
to Grenada, it will be dark and there is a reef there so we do not want to take chances, having come all this way we don't want a
whole in the bottom of Ocean Lady! looking forward to getting on dry land,at last!
Hope all is well, best wishes to all, love Margaret & Alan xxxxxx