2more days to go! - August 11, 2012 -15.58S - 147.57E

Tue 1 Jan 2013 18:17
Hi Everyone,
We think after today we will be 2 more days then we will be there, the wind is up and down so its hard to calculate, sunny to day & had showers,
We are seeing more birds so think Land is not too far.
We have done 1,085 miles Lat-15.27E - Long150.33E
Hope all Ok, Haven't heard from Dad at all is he Ok, just not using his computer!
Bye for now Lots of Love Mum & Dad - Margaret & Alan xxx

August 12, 2012
Hi Everyone,
We just have 1 more day to go, just about 60 miles to the reef pass, the pass is about 30 miles, then we can make our way to the harbour channel, so
hopefully we will be there some time tomorrow, afternoon/evening all depends on the wind.
We had two birds take a ride on the boat for a rest last night, they looked exhausted.
Lat -15.58S - Long - 147.57E we have done 1,239 miles from Vanautu it is 5.15am monday 13th August.
Hope all is well, looking forward to talking to you when we get to land. we will have to wait for the customs to come and inspect us, before we
can proceed to a marina.
bye for now Lots of Love Mum & Dad - Margaret & Alan xxxxxx