Fw: Re Flying Fish! - October 10, 2012 - 19.12S - 65.52E

Wed 2 Jan 2013 00:40

Hi Dad,
Yes you can eat flying fish but you would need an awful lot of them,
the biggest we have seen is about 6/8 " long and about 2" round but
mostly the ones that fly on the deck are the small ones about 4" long
I suppose we could collect them and freeze them till we had enough!
Glad you have your friend back, you both should play with the invisible man and see who wins, Ha!Ha! Nice Sunny day and a 142 miles to go, Hurray!
Lots of Love Margaret xxxxx

Hi Everyone,
Hope all is well, It is a nice sunny day today and we are sailing along at 5/6 knots, it is not quite so bumpy, it's a good job as its
my turn to cook today.
We had a boat in the night on the same course as us, coming towards us
so we had to call him up and ask if he had seen us, he said no, but now
we had told him, he would alter course, very good of him as it was a large
ship, then he called us back and asked us where we were going and said
do you want to tell me or is it a secret, we said no, its not a secret and
told him we were going to Rodrigues and call us back and said have a nice
We haven't seen any sea life for a very long time, although the air has
been a bit fishy from time to time.
Lat - 19.12S - 65.52E and 140 miles to go! at 9.42 am GMT 10th October.
Lots of Love Margaret & Alan - Mum & Dad xxxxxx