Coco's Keeling!

Sat 17 Nov 2012 10:43
We have just arrived at Coco's Keeling, it is not what we expected, we are
opposite and uninhabited island, next is prisoner island
(i person at a time) we went to home island yesterday and that is muslin,
it was all very weird and felt spooky, everything closes
at 3.30 (guess what time we arrived 2.28) it was like a ghost town, only
people passed you riding on golf
carts, today we are going to west island were the Australians
live so will see the difference, and there is another where no one lives.
when we arrived 3 sharks circled the boat, the customs man said its their
equivalent to dogs, think I would keep a dog any day!
Yes we have to get fuel, and it is going to be very arduous as we will have
to do it
in can's in the dingy, or pay a boat man 200$ so you know what dad will be
This is an Atol so all the islands are in a circle, so you get soaking wet
it you want to get
to one.
Can you tell Nan we can't phone, so not to worry, and will only be
e-mailing, but not every day as we have a lot to do!
but will e-mail as & when I can.
Off to Rodrigues next, about 2,000 miles, so hope the wind is good.
Hope all is well,

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