Happy New Year from Ocean Lady!

Wed 9 Jan 2013 09:37
Hi Everyone,
Wishing Everyone "A very Happy New Year!
We had a lovely time with our Family for Christmas, it was sad to leave
them, as you can see from pic Santa came to the rescue with 2 cooked
Chickens, Thank-you Mark!
We flew back to South Africa, I had food poisoning on the plane
and was too weak to get off, so had to have a wheel chair, the customs
asked where was our return ticket and we said we are sailing home, so
he asked where our crew was Alan pointed to me and he said I don't
believe you, prove it, so showed him the ships papers then he looked at
me then back to Alan, the look on his face said poor thing, if she your
help, as I was grey and looked pathetic, then he waved us on.
John meet us at the Airport and took us to the boat to insect the new
painted bottom, Alan stayed and worked and I went back with John
who kindly lent me his office so I could finish up dating my diary, so
I can be all set when we go to sea, so a big thank-you to him.
Bye for now Love Margaret &Alan - Mum & Dad xxxxxx

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