Hi from St Helena!

Wed 30 Jan 2013 17:27
Hi Everyone,
We had a nice 2 days in St Helena, we arrived at 9.30am went to
customs had a look around, a quaint little village, looked Victorian
with modern day people walking around. So we booked a tour of the island for the next day.
We meet our guide at 9am, Robert was 77 and he explained he
would do the tour back to front as it will be quicker, as it was his
mum's 95th birthday and he had to fetch the cake, sausage rolls
and mince pies and deliver them for her party by 3.30pm or he would be in trouble!
Robert assured us even though he was doing our tour, with the 1st
bit last and 2nd bit 1st, he wasn't going to leave any thing out, so we never knew if he did, but we had a lovely day and some laughs,
Saw Napoleons house where he was Exiled to, his tomb, beautiful
gardens & some stunning scenery.
We went to the Governors house, where they had 5 giant Tortoise
donated to them from the Seychelles, John the oldest was 197yrs
and now Old George on Galapagos has died, John is said to be
the oldest in the world in captivity. The people on St Helena were all called saints, they were very friendly and helpful, although we only had 2 days there we pack
a lot in and had a good time and meet some interesting people.
Hope everyone at home is we and the weather is a bit milder.
bye for now love Margaret and Alan xxxx