Hi from the Rocky Rolly sea-March 09, 2012 - -07.14S -104.36W

Mon 31 Dec 2012 23:57

Hi Dad,
Hope all is well, We are experiencing very varied weather, at moment it is
high sea's and rocky rolly
We are now at Lat-07.14S -Long-104.36W and have done 832miles, it is
1.20GMT, weather better yesterday, but raining again now.
Saw our 1st boat last night since we left (it over took us) probly 1 of
the ARC boats as they left 2days after us & they had a couple of large racing
The sump gasket has gone on the Generator so another job to do when we get
there, we will have to winch it up as it is right at the bottom, just get
one job done and another appears , so you can see we are kept busy.
We have eaten all the bread now so from tomorrow we will have to make it
Lots of Love Margaret & Alan - Mum & Dad xx