Trip Volcano!

Fri 26 Oct 2012 10:06
Hi Everyone,
We had a very nice day out to the volcano, we had to start out at 6am as its
was a 4hr walk and it was very hot & takes 2hrs to get there.
very interesting, unfortunately no molten lava as it was having a quite time,
we had a walk around the last little blow out, and up to the beginning of the
next peak of the last but that was enough as we knew we had to climb back
up the other the other side.
The views were beautiful and for walkers it was ideal, there were small huts
every where so you can stay the night then go on, we only had the car for the
day so drove back, it was my turn to cook tea, and when they said shall we eat
out of course I said yes!
We were going on the bus to the other side of the island to day but a boat we
go friendly with, radioed us last night to say his engine had failed and couldn't
get in the harbour, the wind had got up and too bad to go and help so told him
to hove two till the morning, then we would help, the coast guard wanted
300Euro an hr to help, so we are so lucky at home for our life boats.
By morning the sea was so rough that he had to have the coast guards help,
also has drifted a long way so they had to take to another harbour, also much
too choppy here.
As we couldn't help we have done chores and will go out on the bus tomorrow.
Hope all is Ok, Lots of Love Margaret &Alan xxxxx