Rodrigues Continued....

Sat 17 Nov 2012 10:52
Hi Rodrigues Continued.....
It turned out that the waiters wife (who looked about 14) & her sisters
did the washing by hand and by the smell of it it was dried by the bonfire,
or should I say the cooking pot, everything seems to be done outside,
it was nice and clean though, so we strung a line up and let the fresh air
blow through it.
I met a lady in the post office and she ran a work shop for handy capped
people and before it was opened they used to hide them indoors, she
invited me to go and look and they produce the amazing things from
Coconuts, it was very interesting and they are very skilful as there is
only basic machines and Wet & Dry paper to shine them, we went back
twice to watch them and brought some bits they had made.
As there was no toilets or wash rooms and I needed to colour my hair
I found a lady doing hairdressing in her front room, she spoke French
& I don't so I was glad I had pencil & pad with me & my on hair colour
so I drew what I wanted and kept my fingers crossed, all went well
till it needed washing off, and as they only get water every other day
and this happened to be the day they didn't so she had to get a bucket
of water from the garden and pour it over my head, then another picture
as I needed a trim, it turned out quite reasonable and I had to pay her
300 rupes, which it turned out to be £6 so cheap, they all smiled at me
and waved goodbye.
We have left now for Mauritius & Reunion Island so fingers crossed
the weather is Ok and we have been waiting for a Cyclone to pass
and it is well in front of us now.
Bye for now, Love Margaret & Alan on Ocean Lady xxx

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