Just 2 days to go to flores!

Fri 31 May 2013 13:47
Hi Everyone,
30th May.
We are making steady progress & have 340 miles to go, have done
1,495 so far.It looks like we might be in Flores on Sunday Morning!
Waves are very jumpy and keep throwing up a big one every 7 or 10th
one, so keep being pushed against the wall, and you have to hang on!
All Ok though, it was very dark last night as the clouds covered the moon,
it is nice and sunny today.
Bread tasted better than it looked, it's all gone so can't of been that bad!
Lat-39.16N-Long-38.28W at 16.30 GMT on Thurs,30th May.
Love M xx

3lst May.
All is Ok here, it was very dark last night as the moon did not come out
till 11.30 pm and it was cloudy so not so bright.
We had a few rouge waves over but nothing eventful.
But have to bake biscuits as there is none left!
Lat-39.24N - Long-35.58W - Done-1,632 miles - 223 to go at 1.20 GMT
Just 2 more days to Flores.
Hope all is Ok, Bye for now, Love to All, Margaret, Alan & Neil xxxx