Fw: Going to anchor!June 04, 2012 - 19.02S-176.49W

Tue 1 Jan 2013 14:46

Hi Everyone,
We have been to customs & checked out & got our veg,Fruit&bread, didn’t get anything else as you will get it confiscated, even honey, so we have 5 days to eat anything that they will take away.
When the fuel truck has been we are going to another island for the day to snorkel and then off to Fiji 1st thing in the morning.
Hope all is well, lots of love Mum & Dad – Margaret & Alan xxxxxxxxx

Hi Everyone, 6th June
So far so good, 1st day & night good wind, we have twin headsails up, and even the wind obliged us by turning a bit when we had to alter course when we had left all the islands, we do have high rolly waves but fingers crossed no rain yet, better not say too much encase it comes back.
We set off at 8.35 yesterday, it is 15.40 next day and we have done 152 miles position is Lat-19.02S-Long-176.49W so about another 400 to do.
Hope all is well, lots of Love Mum & Dad –Margaret & Alan xxx=

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