More Sailing Less Poo

The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Thu 26 Jun 2014 18:29
We have had some feed back about the blog, apparently we should be talking more about sailing and less about poo.
Now for those who have not poo’ed at sea, lets talk some more about it.
First the seating area is slightly smaller than at home, but more importantly it is moving. Sitting on the loo needs some sort of art, to use all four limbs to hold you in place over the moving seat. With muscles working to hold you in place it is sometimes difficult to relax enough to allow a good delivery into the bowl. The risk of relaxing may be fraught with the danger of sliding off mid delivery.
Once delivery has been done, there is the paperwork. We cant file the paperwork down the loo in case of a log jam (no pun intended), so it has to be neatly filed in a paper sandwich bag, and filed. The loo is on starboard side, and we are on starboard tack, so this is done by opening the loo window and throwing it out into the sea.
Now some sailing.
We sailed through a weather front, so the rain has gone and back to blue sky. Unfortunately we are left with the job of sailing south west with the wind coming from the south west, so for the first time in 4 days we tacked. To try and make progress west with some south. the winds are due to shift to the west, so its been a few more tacks to try and get south and west, without having to go east.
Its been slow getting here, but we are hoping that once we have good winds to the west we will be able to start making some good progress and have a few days running at 6 knots. Just under 400 miles to go.
No wildlife today, just a few cormorants looking for fishing boats, so not interested in us.
It was a good job i cooked this evening, there were vegetables in the prepared meal, so with careful serving skills i was able to avoid them.