day 1, are we there yet........

The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Mon 22 Nov 2010 16:27

What have we been up to so far.

As the sun set and the fleet turned their navigation lights on, the horizon was full of white and red lights twinkling all around us. As the night went on the lights faded away, this morning as the sun came up there were not as many sails to see. So not sure were we are in the pack, probably still at the back, as most yesterday had spinnakers, and cruising chutes up.

So off to Africa we headed, which was not good, slowly tho the wind shifted so we were able to make some, although very small direction to the west.

A little man over board drill, and 2 fenders were recovered, so that was the demo, so I will spring a surprise MOB at some time.

Time to test our downwind rig, with genoa on one side and the jib poled out on the other side, it worked, but we slowed right down, after all the effort getting it up, we left it a bit and made some slow progress west. Well it was morning T time, then it was lunch time, found a small time window in the afternoon to take it all down, and return to headsail and mainsail, and back to heading south.

We have also had sextant school with Joe, Tom, and Allison. This afternoon is time to see if they were listening, as i type Richard is taking the afternoon sight for my students to work up.

First day on the ARC SSB net as well, (which Richard kindly volunteered me for), lots of chat about the weather, and were are you, good fun if you are a geek.........