Decisions at Sea "53:39.74N 05:09.71W"

The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Fri 4 Jun 2010 10:41

Some hard decisions had to be made this morning, Joe announced he was going for a nap, and when he awoke we had to make a decision on what we wanted to have for eleven's

1. Cheese on Toast

2. Beacon Baguette

3. Beacon and Cheese melt baguette

4. Muffins

I asked the question why we needed to choice, and why couldn't we have them all. Joe went for his nap, and when he awoke we hadn't made a decision, so once again it was left with Joe, who did us proud as always, and made the decision for us. serving us with a Beacon and Cheese melt baguette.

We did have a little visit from some Dolphins this morning, only a fleeting visit, but John managed to get some video footage, well mainly he got footage of the sea.

The next tricky bit is getting through Bardsey Sound, the ideal time will to go through the sound at 0440 tomorrow morning, hopefully we will make it for that time, if we are early maybe have to anchor and wait for the tide. It's looking good to be back in Pwllheli early to mid morning on Saturday.