No engine "52:09.74N 13:06.48W"

The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Fri 28 May 2010 08:53
We are getting GRIP files downloaded from the Iridium phone from Mail A Sail, (thank you Mail A Sail for this service), it showed that we were going to be going through a null patch for wind, and looking forward using synoptic we are able to download from the Nasa SSB, and the PC showed a very deep low 960 out mid Atlantic developing, which looks like it could be with us some time Sunday. So we couldn't afford to sit still waiting for wind, so we dipped our fuel tank, calculated the fuel burn for a 12 hour engine run, and it looked like we would be able to motor through the null wind.
So that was our plan wait till the wind died and motor. Sounds simple and the wind died at about 0130 this morning, so John tried to start the engine, but nothing. Engine turning over, but no electrics to the engine panel so no glow plugs. A simple fix, the negative had come loose from the alternator, so reconnected, and engine on.
Once we get wind and can sail, we will be using the small generator Joe brought for battery charging to save on the fuel.
We expect to make K4 some time late tomorrow afternoon, subject to winds picking up
The autopilot has been disassembled, and we have stripped the gears in the motor assemble so no way to fix it out here, so it will be manual steering from now on.
Not much else to report, the only wild life we have seen has been Fulmars, and Shearwater. No sights of dolphins, sharks or whales.
Have been chatting to Vulcan Spirit each morning on the SSB, not a good signal this morning, but we will try again tomorrow morning. It's nice to hear them each morning, and knowing we are not alone out here. We saw a large ship on the horizon yesterday afternoon but that has been that.
John is getting know his sextant, not sure if he is sleeping with it yet, but just wishes it could do all the calculations as well.
Right of to go and get a weather report, so we can keep an eye on this Low out there.