The wrong weather

The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Mon 29 Nov 2010 12:35

It’s sunny and very windy today.

Last night i caught 3 fish, without even trying. Flying fish were landing on the deck, with the aid of the spatula i was able to get them back into the sea were they belong. Joe and Tom had given up sleeping in their bunks, due to the heat, and the weather bouncing the boat around, Tom had the sofa, and Joe was now sleeping on the floor at Tom’s feet. Joe is now considering the floor as the best bunk in the boat.

Having not done any weather routing again, we have ended up in heavy seas, and strong winds, I try to guide the pair of them but it’s hard work, so we are now were we didn’t want to be, as predicted Alison is asleep on deck next to a bucket.

We have now turned south and the course looks like it is taking us to the cape Verde islands, which we had finally managed to get past. Never mind. There is the option to stop for a night, as we would be there by this time tomorrow.