This mornings sail change

The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Mon 6 Dec 2010 10:39

This mornings sail change, or should we call it sail handling faff. Went as well as normal. The cruising chute came down, and we have now built out downwind rig. We started with 20knots of wind ideal for our downwind rig, but as expected as soon as we had the chute down, and the other sail plan up, the wind died back down to 12knots.

We perceived and we are back to 15knots and up. Starting to shape what could be a good day, with winds forecast to increase.

We have 2 problems to sort out.

1.       The spinnaker sheet is now on the wrong side of the boat

2.       We need to swap the Jib and genoa sheets over, as we may have to cut the current jib sheets due to wear in the jaws of the pole, but they are to short to cut, the genoa are longer and we can afford to cut them shorter.

The solution we have come up with is for me to go up on the harness, and walk to the end of the pole, sort everything out and walk back. I think I will give that solution a miss tho....