Sails up Sails down

The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Wed 1 Dec 2010 16:41

We had wind this morning, so it was what sail plan did we need to use this wind to head us in the right direction for St Lucia. So it was a morning of sails up sails down, T break of course followed by sails up sails down.

First we tried the cruising chute, a bit quick getting it up, and the wind caught it and blew it into the radar reflector near the top of the mask, and got jammed, so that had to come down. Then we tried our down wind rig, genoa, with the jib poled out on the other side. That didn’t work as we couldn’t go in the right direction with it working, so it was back to the original sails. So we thought, some how we had managed to wrap the genoa and the Jib the wrong way on the furling forestay.

By 1100 we were sailing and at a reasonable speed , and in a reasonable direction

Time is now getting critical for getting to St Lucia for the party on the 18th, and our flights on the 19th, don’t think we can stop and wait for the wind anymore, at the moment we have nothing in hand, and a day of no winds again in about 3 days time (which could change).