Cruising chute up, sunny but not windy

The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Wed 24 Nov 2010 11:10

Another big sail change this morning, it’s sunny but not as windy, still need to go south before the big hole of no wind traps us for a day or 2. So it was out with the cruising chute, not to much shouting to get it up, so a good lift, planning to be a bit more careful with the wind, and going to take it down at 15 knots of wind, to save the £200 damage to the top of the mast, like last time.

It’s up looks pretty, and we are making progress south, we are getting information on our position in the fleet, not sure how they get this information, but we went from 178 to 147 this morning, but it’s early in the race, we are still the last of the Welsh boats tho.

Welsh boats that I know off




Joe was late for his first shift, well according to Richard, Joe insists that he was on deck on time. No punishment this time, so i think he has got away with it.

After the big discussion on when we should be wearing harnesses, and the rules being fixed in stone, they were obviously yesterdays rules, and we are back to wearing you harness when you feel like it.