What a day "54:33.24N 12:20.46W"

The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Sat 29 May 2010 19:47
So we started the day a little soggy after our night in the drizzle, but things were starting to look up,as the sky started to clear, and we dried out. Not a lot to see today,apart from the perfect bird shot for Joe, who regrettable didn't get to his camera in time. A Gannet fly about 2 meters of the deck and hovered just along side the boat, the sun from behind gleaming of it feathers. We had a few more fly pasts during the day but nothing as spectacular as that one.
The first of today's little challenges.
The headsail had been catching on the spreaders, and had torn the sail, so a mid ocean sail drop and a repair with duck tape. Then looking at the spreader cap, it looked like it had come loose and exposed the end of the spreader, soup the mast Ian had to go. A bit bouncy, so Ian came down a little bruised from been tangled in the rigging, but sail repaired ok.
Just settling down looking forward to seeing K4, the engine died. Luckily John and RAY Diesel Instructor took charge, and thanks to something Ian had brought for a £5 from ebay, the engine was brought back to life, we suspect a block primary diesel filter which we changed out.
So now T is late which was to be a curry, but is now going to be stodge, which is mince, spuds, and mixed veg all in a pan, quick and hot.