The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Wed 25 Jun 2014 11:41
We are under sail, and making some progress. It was like a switch, one minute no wind then 12 knots and then boat was healing and 6 knots through the water. Passed the Bishops and Clarks which include Bishop rock light house, off to the smalls next.
We had a pod of dolphins around the boat 10 to 15 minutes, quite a few young ones. One was either not sure of what he should be doing or he was just showing off. The rest were coming out of the water on the bow, as you see in films. this young one was doing it upside down.
Dear Jane no dolphins were rescued for you.
On  the domestic front, some of the crew who will remain nameless have change their underwear, and one has just had his first poo of the trip.......