The Plan "52:53.19N 04:24.43W"

The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Wed 5 May 2010 16:05
The plan is to sail from Pwllheli around Ireland, and back to Pwllheli. A simple plan, but we plan to add a few bits to the journey. The added bits are to make the passage a qualifying Ocean passage, so myself and the first mate can summit it for our Yachtmaster Ocean award.
How do we plan to do this, well there are some weather buoys out in the Atlantic off the west coats of Ireland, designated M3,K2,K4, and M4, for the mileage if we visit all these buoys on the way round will give us the required mileage, how are we going to find them, well as we have to summit some sun sights for the ocean award, we may as well find the buoys using the traditional way, and use the sextant.
It's not just a buoy hopping exercise, the third member of the crew is a wildlife photographer, so we are hoping for a few good pics to bring back from the trip, as we come back into land, we will be in the bird breading season, and will be able to get our photographer close into a few spots that are not accessible from land.
The planned start date will be the 22nd May 2010

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