A good day on a beautiful day on a Bue Ocean "51:18.93N 13:19.74W"

The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Thu 27 May 2010 18:37
Someone had moved K2, we suspect Skipper Splodge and Mack. We found it in the end after climbing up to the crows nest with bino's. Rounded the buoy and the wind was in the perfect direction to take us North now and off to K4.
The day has been a little more relaxing, no new wild life sightings to report.
Joe did his magic this morning with much welcome cheese on toast for a late breakfast, but we have found that Joe's cheese on toast can be had at any time. Spag bol for tonight's t, again another one from Joe.
Joe was so busy yesterday he didn't get round to changing his batteries in his torch, but has managed it today, including some needle work sorting out his cap.
We have been so good with the water usage, that the tank is still indicating that it is full, so we have given the washing up in the bucket of sea water a miss tonight, and washed up in the sink, the crew can even have a wash if they want to.
The wind is expected to drop tomorrow, so may be motor sailing for a bit, there will be stronger winds to our south, so need to be north to avoid another night with the steering workout, the only draw back is I think we will be sailing into rain, we can't complain it will be the first we have had since we left.