Star sights

The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Mon 13 Dec 2010 12:10

Well star sight.......

I had a go last night on getting a fix using the stars, the moon was bright enough to light up the horizon, so i shot 3 stars and the moon. This morning I worked up the sights, of the 3 stars it looks like i got one wrong star, and the moon, and the two that were ok gave me a fix about 15 miles from the GPS, so not to bad. Will try again tonight, and as I have to be up at dawn tomorrow will have a go then too. See if i can get a better fix.

I will however be able to bore people with the names of the star I have now learnt.

We are slowly making our way to St Lucia, 120 Miles in 25 hours yesterday, so no more 180 mile days.