999 Party

The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Wed 8 Dec 2010 18:52

We are defiantly in the high seas. When you stand looking over the dog house, you look down the boat as the stern is lifted up on the waves, the back of the boat at the top of the wave and the bow at the bottom, you stand 40feet from the bow. The boat speed not fast enough to surf down the wave. Thank god not sure i want a 30 tonne boat surfing 50 feet waves. As the wave passes by the boat the stern drop, and the sky is replaced by a wall of water.

So what is a 999 party, well it’s the work number of the previous owner, and we had a waypoint set for St Lucia, and at 1310 today we were only 999 miles from St Lucia. Joe and Tom who were on mother watch, made a special 999 cake to celebrate with. Joe asked if we would have beer too, but there was a firm NO from Richard.

What else has happened today.

There was a radio call on the VHF from a boat not far from us, asking if anyone could get a message to his wife as he was going to be late home. He had blown out his Jib, and had just had an accidental gybe, and had broken his boom. He was now running with Storm sails and only able to make 4 knots. We obliged and have sent an email on his behalf to his wife.

Not much else apart from it’s sunny and windy