A day in port

The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Tue 1 Jun 2010 18:38
Having arrived at 0730, after a night of no sleep, the order of business was as follows.
1.Have a cup of T
2.Go to bed.
The harbour master was very supportive, and have to say very good. We had arrived and parked on the first available berth, which we needed to vacate for other vessels, but no problem the harbour master told us to get our sleep, and sort the boat out onto the berth she was going to have for the 2 nights when we were rested. So a big thank you there.
So today has been a was day, well it was to be after we had breakfast/lunch/brunch or what ever it was at 1300. A whole baguette and 3 rashers of beacon each, o and more T. The boat ended up looking like a laundry line, but down below she was getting back to looking all "ship shape and Bristol fashion", afternoon T was in fact afternoon beer.
Of for a walk to see what was in Ballycastle, then looking at the time, picking up some fish and chips for dinner. Plan A was to go for a beer, but we have opened the red wine, so that's it we will be stay on the boat, finishing the bottle or perhaps another, then and early night.
Joe is looking at the boat next door a Moody 34 which is for sale, not sure that is the sort of souvenir he should be looking at, to bring back from Northern Ireland