The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Sun 5 Dec 2010 12:49

Storing rubbish can be a problem on board. So what do we do with it.

Paper and cardboard, can go over the side with all the waste food (and the vegetables that have gone off, I like watching that). What to do with the rest. Plastic is now being cut up, and stuffed into plastic bottles, we have a number of 6lt bottles which are excellent for this. Glass is being kept, this can go back were it came from, so there is no storage problem. But the Glass bottles do not go back empty.

At the moment we have one large ex coffee jar which has been filled with cut up coke cans and foil.

This morning I cut up 3 coke cans, stuffed them into an old tin, which then fitted into another tin.

It’s a bit like Blue Peter at times in making ways of storing rubbish. Tom may get given the nickname of scissor hands,  as he if often seen with the scissors cutting up the plastic. The scissors we have are a pair of tough cut scissors, which are great as they will cut through anything.

The sorting of the rubbish, I’m surprised that we have not had more injuries, as you are playing with very sharp scissors, and at times very sharp bits of plastic and tin

All this work, and i bet they just throw it all in a landfill when we get to St Lucia