The Engine problem "55:25.35N 08:09.03W

The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Mon 31 May 2010 15:31
Last night at 2230 the engine died again, nothing we could do, but to carry on under sail, BallyCastle looking further and further away. Enough wind for a good sail, and by this morning we were reaching 6.5 knots, just it was a little bouncy down below, for those of us not on watch.
We have done the hypothesising, well I didn't sleep at all hypothesising in my sleep. But we think we have an air leak into the fuel system, but as yet don't know were. On the fuel output from the tank there is this antisyphon look, which we think is not helping.
We have found out that there is no flow from the feed from the tank to the primary filter, and if we disconnect this and blow up the tube, then suck some diesel back so that it is flowing we can get the engine to run, the last time it was for only 1/2 hour.
So we have plan A, sail into BallyCastle bay and anchor if he engine is not working when we get there, then get the engine on and get into the marina, it's looking like it might not be till early tomorrow morning that we will get there, so maybe some sleep first.
Not sure what we plan to do in BallyCastle but a beer will be on the order of business.
P.S we are now back onto a chart