Preperations 4 days to go

The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Wed 19 May 2010 08:55
A day on the boat
As she is used for a live aboard, there was plenty of stuff that wouldn't be needed, the electric blanket could go, the oil heater. So the landrover came full and would go home full. The bulk dry foods had been picked up and needed storing, so locker space and every dry space in the bilge would be used. 144 0.5lt bottles of water needed homes (this is our complement for the 140lt boats water tank), packed down with kitchen towel to stop them rattling, and squeaking.
The food list was gone through, so only a few things left to get on the day of departure.
The spare fuel was brought on board, and she was taken round to the fuel berth, and her main tank filled, we thing she has a 200lt fuel tank, and we have 70lt of spare.
She is now sitting a little lower in the water.
We assembled the Sea Anchor, (which we hope only to have to use, to see how it works, and not for real), made up from a 1 tone builders bag (from ebay), an old climbing rope, and a big knot, swivel and a shackle.
The list of things that need doing doesn't seem to be getting any shorter, will be glad when we have cast off, then there will be no worries, because if we have forgotten anything, then it's to late.

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