Passed the Fastnet rock at 0730 "51:21.65N 09:49.51W"

The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Wed 26 May 2010 08:33
A slow night with no wind, so had to do our battery charge under engine early, wind picked up about 0130 this morning, and we were in 15knots by 0600. managed to get up to 7.4 knots through the water for a bit, but not for long enough to catch up the time we have lost due to light winds. At the moment we seem to be about half a day behind our schedule.
We passed Fastnet Rock at 0730 this morning, and had a big photo shoot, not that it is a particularly pretty rock and light house, especially with the large lump of concrete on the back to make the helicopter pad, but photo's were taken none the less.
Talked to Vulcan Spirit again on the SSB, it's good having our morning chat, and we had a good signal today.
So what is our plan for the day, well were are now heading for the first of the weather buoys we plan to pass, and once I've finished this it will be taking a sun sight, then up with the spinnaker, as the wind has dropped back to below 10 knots.
Ian and John will be spending the day taking sun sights, working them up, scratching their heads when they put us in a different ocean. Joe has only 2 things planned for the day, going for a poo, and changing the batteries in his head torch, we are not sure which he is looking forward to the most.
We think Skipper Splodge and Mack have been running amuck about the boat, either thinking they are helping by tidying, but a number of items have turned up in strange places. Or perhaps we are having to many senior moments and forgetting were we put things.

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