A change in the weather

The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Tue 7 Dec 2010 18:13

Depending on when this gets uploaded it may be today or yesterday.

An interesting start to the day, came on watch at 9 to find Richard in wet weather gear, and the boat all very soggy.  The wind was a nice F6 so we were making good progress over night, reported but not seen by me, but of over 10knots over the ground.

The boat was surrounded by squalls, so my watch was going to be 3 hours of hand steering, and I was going to need, my wet weather gear too.

Hand steering in the waves was fun, using the force to predict the boat movement in the waves, the squalls changing the wind, but not quite enough speed to get the boat so surf down the waves.

Dry for 5 mins, then soaked for half an hour, followed by 5 mins to dry you out before another squall to soak you again.