A few updates

The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Wed 6 Oct 2010 20:26

A lie in for me today, Alison and Richard of to see some plants grown in captivity (botanical gardens). A chance to get my washing done, and have a potter on the boat, which meant a few updates on the other blog site while no one was watching.

Once the other two were back, up the mast i went, the washing up liquid we had used to sort out the stuck sail needed washing off. So I was up a mast with a live hose, so ended up a little wetter than I’d planned, but soon dried off.

Still planning to leave tomorrow, at 0800 (depending upon what time Alison gets up). An interesting manoeuvre as we have now a very tight gap to turn around in, or a awkward reverse. So best we do it early, that way there will be less of an audience.

A few updates.

1.       The shelf, as Frans has now left the boat I can now move down a bunk, I’ve been sleeping on the lower bunk for a few nights in harbour, but am looking forward to the lower bunk at sea. No more being slung at the wall and sliding down, I may have to mark this as MY BUNK, and the new crew joining in the canaries can have the shelf.

2.       The scone mix, had another go at making scones. They were less like dough balls this time, so looks like I’m getting the hang. Next time I may add sultanas.