The final run in

The adventures of Skipper Splodge and mack
Ian Cheek
Wed 15 Dec 2010 18:39

It looks like we got to the right island. The final run was under cruising chute, with the plan to drop it once we had cleared the North end of the island, then run in under normal sails to cross the finish line.

So a little snooze until we were ready to drop the chute.

It was obvious that we would not make it for the marina managers party, but it was nice to come in with the fireworks in the background. Crossing the finish line at 00h 39 min 03 sec on wed 15th dec, 24 days since we started and 2881 miles

Meet on the dock by the St Lucia tourist board with a fruit basket, some info on the island, and more importantly Beer and Rum.

I think we then had a few beers of our own, and hit the sack at about 0230, so we had a little lie in this morning.

So far we have found on shore, beer, ice cream, and beefbergers and chips