Cala Blance to Palma

Sun 5 Aug 2012 08:59
39:32n 02:25e

Last piece of sailing is happening. At 10am we leave the quiet Cala Blanca bay and sail slowly to Palma. G and N are still asleep for a few hours, and we zigzag a bit and drop the mainsail to further slow down.

After 5 hours slowmotion sailing, calme and easy hobby cruising, we dock the boat stern to, in marina Alboran.

But wait, that is exactly the same marina where we came from in our previous trip. The moody dealer in France told me to make a detour, and instead of visiting the dealer in Canet En Rousillion, we were to bring the boat to The dealer in Palma. All we had for address details was a waypoint, and guess what, that waypoint was in the marina Alboran.

So here we were again, a month further and two sailing trips richer, the boatkeys were handed over to 'Peter' and stayed another day to clean and tidy up the boat. Now we are waiting for the dealer to give the green light to come and pick up the boat once again.