Two hour thinking

Tue 13 Jul 2010 22:12
G: It is 22:44. Out of nowhere there is a huge wind blowing and in the distance there is lightning. We very much welcome a cool breeze en are hoping for lots of rain!! Today was just too hot, no wind at all. We bought a thermometer today, and when back at the boat around 19:00 it still displayed a 34.2 degrees celsius outside.

Now A is tying up de boat (storm save), very happy to have a boat-task to fulfill as there is not much sailing, or moving at all, these days. But... a joyful moment this morning, we received a .PDF version of the boat papers! The originals are send to the Netherlands so with some Dutch and DHL assistance the papers will be here hopefully on Friday.

That means there are only a few days left to fix the remainder issues on the boat, which will likely not be enough. This morning I was woken up early by a discussion,
"No, Felix, look, look..."
"Yesse, isse goood"
"No, look... is not good, the meter is too high"
"Yesse, noo good... we must think" ... "Two hour thinking, I must be back"

And off he goes. Felix is a very good man, honest and very thorough. With every challenge he will go away for a few hour, only to come back with a brilliant solution.

There is not much late sleeping in a harbor. Everywhere you hear people working on a boat or people running on the wooden piers. Had not much sleep last night as again I was dreaming a strange dream. I found out I had to take an exam but had only read 1/3rd of the study book. And if that is not enough, my teacher wrote me a very (VERY!) unkind postcard... I have strange dreams. Some people think that dreams are just parts of a parallel live you have, I hope that's not the case, I would have very the most awful and unexplainable lives.

About dreams... Just finished the book "The geschiedenis van de liefde" (The history of love) by Nicole Krauss... not easy to describe but certainly worth reading!