Magic white's revanche

Sun 11 Jul 2010 17:16
G: This night A woke me up from a nightmare. I was dreaming I was choked to death by someone. Yesterday I finished my book, "De reunie" (The reunion) by Simone van der Vlugt, which was not the best book every but apparently made enough impression to hunt me in my dreams... So today I chose for better dreams and started "De geschiedenis van de liefde" (The history of love) by Nicole Krauss, so I'm hopeful of better dreams ;)

Today an early update in anticipation of a glorious victory in soccer. I guess there will be lots of wine and beers so maybe smart to try to have the blogs make sense(?) while still possible.

The wifi on board is not yet fully working but luckily we have a very nice neighbor who has his own network and was willing to share his password after a few beers. Today was a slow day, but there is not really ever a slow day on board. There are always things to be done so we spend this day on reading manuals, cleaning and (yes) putting the name sticker on the boat!

Today I was 'the man'. At home I've been the laughing stock with my luxury equipment like the vacuum cleaner I bought, the microwave, the bread baking machine and my "Magic White" washing machine. With every nonsense item I bought, A asked "is that really necessary?" And the answer was of course that I really could not life without it. When purchasing those items I thought that sailing would be very boring an as I was not really interested in sailing, what else could you do than to behave like a proper woman and clean and bake.

The vacuum cleaner however raises an eyebrow... I'm not yet 100% sure if it is indeed a vacuum cleaner as it produces so much heat that it might as well be a heater. The microwave it yet untouched but the popcorn in the cabinet is patient. The baking machine was already a reported success, so today I wanted to test the washing machine. It is a manual washer which works under high pressure, maybe combined with the vacuum cleaner you might be able to cook some rise..?

Anyway, I lowered the 'swimming platform' and installed myself with the washer and dirty laundry on the platform. Op up lid, wash in, water in, some washing powder, close the lid and off we go. Swing the handle 50 time clock wise and 50 times back... and again now with fresh water. At first I was a bit hesitant, afraid to become the laughing stock of the whole harbor, but pretty soon my (other) neighbor came curiously looking what it was that I was grinding. My neighbor is a real sailer with a racing boat, so not the type that would appreciate any luxury on board, but surprisingly he thought it was a very neat thing and thought it was extremely handy! The more attention my Magic white machine drew, the prouder I became. At home there is one thing on top of my 'don't ever do:' list, and that is to dry any laundry outside. My mom used to hang our underwear in the garden, and as a teen there could not have been anything worse in the whole wide world. But times change and I still owed an excuse to my Magic while. So, I hang the wash all over the place in honor of the magic machine...

Tomorrow Felix will be working, so no worries, tomorrow will be a more technical update ;)